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Spartify lets partiers add to a Spotify playlist from the comfort of their phones

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Spartify provides an easy-to-use solution for creating a shared party playlist.

It might be 2011, but we still end up huddled around a computer queuing up deep jams at gatherings far too often. Andreas Blixt and Ricardo Vice Santos's Spartify solution simplifies playlist creation and management through the magic of Spotify's API. Simply set up a Spartify party and share the URL with your friends, where they'll be able to search Spotify, add songs, and promote tracks with a +1 button from the comfort of their mobile phone browsers. Once the party's created, Spotify automatically plays each of the tracks in order. Pro tip: if you end up hosting a party, make sure you remember to leave the Spartify party when the night is over; otherwise, Spotify will keep launching and playing tracks.