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Firefox 8 for Android increases security, adds homescreen bookmarks

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Firefox for Android, version 8, was just released, bringing a secure Master Password, home screen bookmarking, and support for 160 browser extensions

Firefox for Android
Firefox for Android

To go along with a new desktop version, Firefox for Android has just been updated to version 8, bringing with it some features to keep your mobile browsing data more secure. The main new feature included in this update, Master Password, allows you to stay logged in to the various services on your phone and not have to worry about losing your phone — when Master Password is set, you'll need that password to get into any site that uses your saved data. The other main new features is that Firefox for Android now allows you to save bookmarks directly to your home screen, handy for accessing sites you check every day, or any web app you want to open quickly. While these features aren't super exciting, Mozilla recommends the ever-growing set of Firefox mobile extensions if you want to find more ways to trick out your Android browser.