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Sony launches PlayStation Suite SDK closed beta

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Sony's PlayStation Suite SDK was just launched in a closed beta; it allows Windows developers to write software for both the PS Vita and other "PlayStation Certified" devices.

Uncharted for PlayStation Vita hands-on at E3 2011
Uncharted for PlayStation Vita hands-on at E3 2011

With the PS Vita's February launch drawing ever closer, Sony's working to get developers of all sizes and types on board. To that end, it just announced a closed beta for the PlayStation Suite SDK, which lets Windows 7 and Windows XP users start developing for the PS Vita, as well "PlayStation Certified" devices in the PS Suite, such as the Android-powered Xperia Play. You don't even need to own a PlayStation device to take advantage of this free SDK — it comes with an emulator for testing purposes. However, Sony cautions that this closed beta is limited and intended to improve the SDK, so those trying it may encounter some bugs and snags along the way to developing their portable masterpiece.