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Iogear's Wireless 3D Digital Kit streams 3D, 1080p to your HDTV for $379.95

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Iogear announced the upcoming release of its Wireless 3D Digital Kit, a media streamer capable of transmitting 3D 1080p at up to 100 feet. The kit features two HDMI inputs, local mirroring, and the ability to pass IR commands through to source devices in another room.

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Iogear Wireless 3D Digital Kit
Iogear Wireless 3D Digital Kit

We've seen wireless 3D streaming before, with HP's Wireless TV Connect taking in content from laptops, while Vizio's slightly more expensive product streams from all your other sources of content. While not the first to market, Iogear is trying to win on features with the upcoming release of its higher-priced Wireless 3D Digital Kit. The kit consists of three parts: the standard transmitter and receiver, plus an IR remote for controlling the boxes. The receiver box features a single HDMI port for plugging into your HDTV as well as an IR pass-though for controlling source devices in a different room. The transmitter box has two HDMI ports to take in content from your Blu-ray player, set-top box, or any other source of media. It also features a single HDMI loop-through port, which allows you to mirror the content for viewing on a second TV. The two boxes don't need line-of-sight placement — you can hide the transmitter somewhere up to 100 feet away and it should still transmit media just fine.

Iogear's kit has the advantage of transmitting over longer distances versus its competitors, but the price at $379.95 might be hard to justify. Still, if you want to watch 3D or 1080p content (no information on whether you can watch content that is both 3D and 1080p) and you want it transmitted from a device you put in some far corner of the house, the Wireless 3D Digital Kit will be available online and in stores in the coming months, starting with