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Nvidia: Tegra 3 phone wins are 'well ahead' of Tegra 2's pace, mobile revenue growing fastest

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Nvidia has reportedly its Q3 2011 numbers, which show steady, if unremarkable, growth. Still, the company's mobile processor division is showing the greatest increase and looks set to become ever more important as the company works to diversify its product range.

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Nvidia's Q3 2011 financial results came out on Thursday, showing a 5 percent bump in total revenue relative to the prior quarter, highlighted by 14 percent growth in the company's consumer products group. That category includes game console chips, Icera baseband processors and transceivers, and, importantly, Tegra systems-on-chip for mobile devices. It is those Tegra processors that NVIDIA identifies as being its biggest driver of growth, with the added note from CEO Jen-Hsun Huang that Tegra 3 smartphone design wins are being accumulated at a much faster rate than the company achieved with Tegra 2. A design win is basically an agreement from a device manufacturer to build the chip designer's silicon into an upcoming product. Nvidia already has Asus' Transformer Prime sporting Tegra 3 on the tablet front, and the news that it's lined up smartphone manufacturers for more should make good reading for anyone anticipating a quad-core phone in his or her near future.

In total, Nvidia generated $1.07b in revenue during the third quarter of this year, for a net profit of $178.3 million. That was also helped by the company's workstation division, which grew by 9.5 percent and reached a record revenue of $230 million. It now accounts for a 21.5 percent chunk of Nvidia's business, while the increasingly important consumer products group, tallying up $191.1 million in revenue, is currently sitting at 19 percent. The remaining 60 or so percent came from Nvidia's core business of selling graphics chips and other components for desktop and laptop computers.