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Best Buy nixes $10 recycling fee for TVs, computer displays

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Best Buy is dropping the $10 fee for televisions and computer displays from its US in-store recycling program.

Best Buy
Best Buy

Best Buy's in-store recycling program has made responsibly disposing of your old TV a little cheaper by dropping its $10 fee for screen-endowed electronics. Under the program, customers can walk into US stores and drop off a variety of items, from toner cartridges to the latest 3D television, for responsible recycling by the big box retailer. While most items are accepted for free, Best Buy had been charging the fee for devices with any sort of screen — but no longer. The move comes in conjunction with America Recycles Day on November 15th, but there are still some limitations: Best Buy will only accept tube displays up to 30 inches, and flat screens up to 60. If you have anything larger, or own a front- or rear-projection television, you'll have to pay for a $100 in-house pickup. Best Buy is happy to waive this fee as well — should you purchase a new TV, of course.