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Natural UI developer Evoluce announces Kinect SDK, available to download now

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Natural UI developer Evoluce has released its own free, noncommercial SDK for Kinect, allowing users to write programs for Windows 7.

Evoluce Kinect SDK
Evoluce Kinect SDK

Just a few days after Microsoft released the second beta for its Kinect for Windows SDK, natural user interface specialist Evoluce is releasing its own Kinect development platform. Evoluce's SDK is geared towards noncommercial usage and applications, just like Microsoft's, and allows development in Windows 7 using C++ and C# on Windows Visual Studio 2010. This isn't Evoluce's first foray into using the Kinect — earlier in the year, it launched Win & I, software that allows you to control your Windows PC with the Kinect. If you're interested, the software is available to download now and is currently free, though Evoluce notes that a commercial SDK will be coming at a later date.