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Google's Think Insights offers a peek behind the search giant's curtain

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Google's Think Insights website has been released out of beta and it offers up a bevy of the search giant's data for all of us to enjoy.

Google Think Insights
Google Think Insights

Google's primary revenue source — search-related advertising — is getting a more public face with its Think Insights website that's now out of beta. The site is a centralized hub for access to much of Google's search-related analytics and research studies, which allow marketers and others to spot emerging trends quickly and easily. It's promised that you'll be able to use the site's "real-time insights finder" (above) to gauge consumer opinion in real-time, but it's also just fun to dig around and see all of the data that Google has amassed. According to the company, the site makes finding answers to most questions — when does demand for pretzels peak? — no more than 60 seconds away. There are also lots of charts to be made using Google's data in merely seconds, like the one below comparing smartphone adoption in a few countries — just look at those Finns!

Thankfully all of this information is wrapped in a fancy HTML 5 skin that takes design cues from the rest of the search giant's updated styling. There's plenty more, so if data tickles you like a Googler, you'd do well to check the site out.

Chart below made with Google's Our Mobile Planet tool compares how long citizens in a handful of countries have been using smartphones. Click image for a high-res version.T3175841870