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Google acquires Katango and Apture to enhance Google+, Chrome

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Google has broken out the company checkbook to acquire Katango and Apture, whose talents will be put toward Google+ and Chrome, respectively.

Google acquires Katango, Apture
Google acquires Katango, Apture

It's often the case in Silicon Valley that companies are tight-lipped when it comes to acquisition details. Google's most recent purchases prove to be an exception: the folks in Mountain View seemingly knew just what they wanted from start-ups Katango and Apture when they broke out the company checkbook. Katango, founded just over a year ago, specializes in developing social algorithms that "improve people's online social interaction," according to its website. In summarizing its new relationship with Google, Katango states that it will specifically be focusing on improving the Circles feature of Google+, which has proven to be perhaps the most lauded aspect of the service.

Apture, on the other hand, has been brought in with enhancements to Chrome in mind. Best known for its interactive in-page pop-up windows—previously used by The New York Times and Washington Post, among other clients—the company says it shares a vision of the web with Google, and ultimately aims to improve the end-user browsing experience.

Financial terms of both deals are being kept under wraps, though it's clear that Google isn't shy about pursuing technology (and talent) it deems valuable to its product portfolio.