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Droid RAZR teardown reveals ultrathin battery, cramped motherboard

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iFixit has torn down the Droid RAZR, giving us a glimpse into its cramped interior. Of note are its superthin battery and a motherboard crammed with over 10 chips.

iFixit Droid RAZR
iFixit Droid RAZR

No device release would be complete without a full teardown, and iFixit has done the honors for the Droid RAZR. As you read in our review, Motorola's latest flagship device packs an impressive list of specs — including a 4G LTE radio — into its 7.1mm thin body, a feat made possible with a Kevlar back, stainless steel frame, and sealed-in battery. Naturally, the RAZR's construction made opening up the phone that much more difficult, but the teardown experts were able to get it done with the help of a tool called a spudger and some Torx screwdrivers.

Once inside, we find an ultraslim battery that takes up less than half of the phone's thickness and has a tab on it for easier removal. This is ironic since it's not supposed to be user replaceable in the first place, but it's almost a moot point given how difficult it is to get to the battery. One can truly appreciate the engineering that went into the RAZR when glancing at the motherboard, which packs over 10 chips on one side — most notably the flash memory, RAM, and what appears to be the LTE radio. Click the source link for a full gallery of the disassembly.