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Polaroid launches Z340 digital camera with printing capabilities for $299.99

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Polaroid's just launched a new digital camera, the Z340, which combines a 14-megapixel sensor with a Zink zero-ink printer.

Polaroid Z340
Polaroid Z340

Polaroid made a big splash at CES 2011 with the Lady Gaga-backed GL30, which combined digital technology with the ability to print directly from the camera — but it still hasn't been released. However, Polaroid has just launched a camera that offers a similar combination of old-school instant prints and digital technology, the Z340. While it may not have Lady Gaga's endorsement, it does offer a 14-megapixel sensor and a Zink zero-ink printer to give you the Polaroid experience of printing shots on the spot. Of course, since we're in the digital age, you can be more selective about what photos you print, and you can also do minor editing and cropping in-camera before printing. The Z340 also takes inspiration from Instagram and other similar apps by offering the ability to add custom borders to your prints.

As far as the camera itself, there's very little information aside from the aforementioned sensor and 2.7-inch LCD — it's probably safe to say those interested in this camera are in it for the novelty rather than tech specs. However, the price for novelty is steep: the Z340 costs $299.99.

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