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Adobe releases final Flash plug-in for Android and PlayBook

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The last official version of the Flash plug-in for mobile has been released on Android and the PlayBook.

android flash 2 640
android flash 2 640

Adobe has released the final feature update to its Flash Player plug-in for Android and the BlackBerry PlayBook, version 11.1. The update consists primarily of security and bugfixes, including a video streaming issue on Galaxy S II devices and support for "1080p video for Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset based devices." That last feature at least shows that Adobe was preparing for the next generation of Android devices, but somehow we don't think that Flash will feature heavily in future Android advertising. As for the PlayBook, presumably the update will come in a future software update, and beyond that we know that RIM has promised to continue development of the Flash plug-in on the PlayBook.

Although Adobe made it clear that it would still continue to "provide critical bug fixes and security updates" to its Flash Player plug-in for mobile browsers, this release is likely the last time the company will issue a broad, cross-platform update. The future is all about HTML5 with a side of Adobe Air, and we'll be watching to see how aggressive the company will be in developing tools for both.