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Public library in New York is getting a hacker lab

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The Fayetteville Free Library in Central New York is getting a Fab Lab

MakerBot (Wired)
MakerBot (Wired)

Librarian Lauren Smedley has a broad vision of what public libraries can be to their patrons, and she's putting that vision to the test with changes at her own, the Fayetteville Free Library in central New York. The library — which is fittingly housed in a former furniture factory — is getting a Fab Lab to encourage makers and hackers, and will include equipment such as a MakerBot, a CNC router, and a laser cutter.

The library's plans include offering free classes such as an introductory course in 3D printing, 3D design software training, and computer programming. Smedley also plans on offering Geek Girl Camps, which encourage girls and women to get into geekier pursuits. The video below offers and introduction to both the Fayettville Library, its progressive librarian, and the lab which it plans to build.

Image via: Wired