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Bus Checker app alerts you when you arrive at your stop

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Developer FatAttitude has released an update to its app, Bus Checker. The update gives you the option of setting up alerts that tell you when you've arrived at your destination.


Bus Checker by developer FatAttitude was among the first apps used by government body Transport for London's Bus Countdown feed to offer Londoners live data on bus arrivals, routes, diversions, and cancellations. As expected of apps based on a free public API, there is a lot of competition offering the same features, but Bus Checker hopes to leapfrog the competition with an update that includes alerts for when you've arrived at your stop. The alerts should prove useful for all those that like to use the public transportation system to catch up on sleep, but there is currently no way to set the alert to warn you before you arrive at your destination, in case you needed to yank the pull cord or press the bus stop button. Still, the feature gives Bus Checker a small advantage, which — in a market filled with very similar products — means it won't have long until the competition starts copying it.