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Apple releases iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 3 to developers, actual iTunes Match release date still cloudy

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Apple has released another beta of iTunes to developers in preparation for the iTunes Match launch. The music sync service is not yet available to regular users, and Apple has missed its original deadline for launch.

iTunes in the cloud
iTunes in the cloud

After Apple once again cleared out developers' music from iCloud, there was some hope that we might see the actual release of iTunes Match soon. Instead, Apple is playing it safe by issuing another iTunes Beta to those developers, version 10.5.1, Beta 3, which "includes a number of important stability and performance improvements for iTunes Match." Since the software is still in Beta, Apple may still go through another round of clearing out music libraries before the full launch. In the meantime, non-developers will simply need to wait and avoid staring too hard at the iTunes Match options that have appeared on both Apple TV and iOS 5. Apple had originally said that the service would be available at the "end of October" in the US, but has yet to update us on whether there is a new target date.