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HP Touchstone audio dock and white Pre 3 appear on eBay

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HP's unannounced and unreleased Touchstone Audio Dock appeared for the first time in an eBay auction, along with the first images of a white Pre 3.

White Pre 3 and audio dock
White Pre 3 and audio dock

We've seen HP's discontinued Pre 3 pop up on eBay before, but never with this unannounced accessory: a Touchstone audio dock. This dock, which was only hinted at before, appeared in an auction along along with a rare Verizon Pre 3 and a couple of batteries. An earlier FCC filing showed that the dock may have some extra circuitry for more advanced Touchstone functionality, but the main feature is taking audio from a Pre 3 via Bluetooth and playing it back the 3.5mm jack. If you're interested, it's too late — this kit sold for $700 earlier this afternoon.

Another surprise surfaced in this auction — a white Pre 3. This device wasn't included in the auction, but it was pictured along with the audio dock and very much resembles the white Veer that was sold for a few months at AT&T. If you're interested in these pieces of webOS arcana, you'll have to wait for either another eBay auction or for Meg Whitman to make a final decision about the platform's future.