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Motorola XT928 and MT917 surface, RAZR variants for the Chinese market with 13-megapixel cameras

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Chinese variants of the Droid RAZR have surfaced, improving on the original by adding 13-megapixel cameras and, in once case, an improved screen.

Motorola xt928 mt917
Motorola xt928 mt917

While Americans can partake of the Motorola Droid RAZR now, users in other countries will need to wait for Motorola to release variants with the appropriate radio bands. The company appears to be set to do just that in China, but it is also adding some pretty serious spec bumps along with a bit of added thickness. Two such variants have appeared today, the first bears the codename XT928 and looks a bit more like a Droid X2 than a RAZR, with a CDMA2000 radio and similar specs to the RAZR, including a 4.3-inch, qHD display and 1.2GHz processor. Motorola has also put in a 13-megapixel camera on the phone, but seems to have removed the Kevlar backing. Engadget floats the possibility that since this phone was spotted near Motorola's headquarters in the US, it's possible we may see it released here.

The second variant is the MT917, which improves on the RAZR by going with a full 720p screen at 4.5 inches and also sports at 13-megapixel shooter. It's destined for TD-SCDMA networks, adding a single millimeter to the RAZR's 7.1mm thickness.

No release dates or prices are known for either device, but there's a good possibility that they will become official before the year is out.