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Google Music store screenshots emerge, will include 'Free Song of the Day'?

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Google Music and Android Market will reportedly work hand-in-hand in providing a new place to buy and store your music. New screenshots reveal the way Google's iTunes competitor will look.

google music store
google music store

The Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich are nearly upon us, and one feature that's widely expected to be introduced alongside their release is a Google Music store. The current beta of Google Music functions mostly as a dumb music locker in the cloud, but there's already been evidence that Google's planning to expand its functionality and turn it into an actual store. This weekend has seen more kindling added to that fire with a set of purported screenshots from that very Google Music store.

Claimed to have been obtained using an HTC Inspire 4G over in Venezuela, these screen grabs provide a hint of what the eventual store experience might be like. The most apparent highlight is a "Free Song of the Day" spot that does what its name commands, while there's also mention of Android Market and Google Music working "hand-in-hand," most likely referring to the purchase of music. So the way things are shaping up, the Android Market looks likely to go the way of iTunes in being the place to get both your apps and music. Per-track pricing varies, with $1.29 and $0.99 prices visible, and full album cost will also depend on popularity, it seems. The ability to purchase anything hasn't yet been enabled, we're told, but Google's "These Go to Eleven" event on the 16th will very likely flip that switch while filling in any remaining gaps in our knowledge.