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HTC quad-core tablet and smartphone rumored for MWC in February

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Tegra 3-powered tablet and smartphone devices are expected to be announced by HTC at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next year. That shows starts on February 27th 2012, giving the company just enough time to install Ice Cream Sandwich and test it properly before release.

htc flyer
htc flyer

A week ago, Peter Chou said HTC intends to stand out in the tablet market next year with a truly original device. Today, some of the details of this forthcoming slate might have been revealed, courtesy of the Commercial Times. The Taiwanese newspaper reports that HTC plans on introducing a quad-core tablet at Mobile World Congress — the Barcelona-based trade show that kicks off on February 27th in 2012 — which will be powered by Nvidia hardware. Obviously, that means Tegra 3 under the hood, which, adds the paper, will also be present inside an Android smartphone to be revealed at the show as well. HTC Edge, anyone?

In total, the report is that there'll be three new HTC devices introduced at MWC 2012: the quad-core tablet and smartphone, plus another Android handset. This jives with the HTC Ville rumor we heard a few days back, which also pointed to the sunny streets of Barcelona for its release.

Mobile World Congress has recently become HTC's marquee event of the year, where its biggest products get their launch. In 2010, it marked the debut of the Desire and Legend, while in 2011 it played host to the introduction of the Incredible S, Desire, S, Wildfire S, ChaCha, Salsa, and Flyer. Each of those devices runs Android, and although the Commercial Times story references Windows 8 in saying HTC's unnamed tablet will be out before it, it's probably a safe bet that this new quad-core creation will also be riding the Android bandwagon.