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LG Optimus LTE may be coming to AT&T as the Nitro HD

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LG's Optimus LTE has been pictured with AT&T branding, and may be coming soon as the Nitro HD.

LG Nitro HD Pocketnow
LG Nitro HD Pocketnow

LG's Optimus LTE smartphone is making its way around the world. It first launched in Korea, will soon be on Bell in Canada, and now evidence is mounting that it'll be making its way to AT&T in the coming weeks. PocketNow revealed a promo photo that shows a device cosmetically identical to Bell's Optimus LTE, but with a slightly different home screen layout and, of course, AT&T's branding and 4G LTE logo. PocketNow also claims that this phone will come to AT&T branded as the Nitro HD, but we have yet to see any official word on this potential name.

Adding fuel to the fire, a tipster sent Phone Arena a photo of a handset believed to be the Nitro HD, but it's hardly a unique design for an Android phone. With a 720p display and LTE capabilities, this device would help boost AT&T's holiday lineup as a Galaxy Nexus competitor.