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O2 LTE service begins trial in London

O2 LTE service begins trial in London


British carrier O2 announced today that it will be running a nine-month LTE trial in London, bringing super-fast data speeds to hundreds of customers.

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O2 announced today that it's beginning a nine-month trial of LTE data service in London, the next phase in its rollout of the super-fast data network. The carrier says hundreds of customers will be given LTE modems, and they should see data speeds as high as 150Mbps (though presumably that's due to so few people crowding the network). It's a small test, and given recent history, not even an indication that LTE is coming soon — O2 began another similar test in the UK two years ago, and we've heard that the LTE rollout is being delayed thanks to infighting among the carriers over a spectrum auction. Still, a little LTE is better than no LTE, so if you're a Londoner hit the source to see how you can get some for yourself.