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Jukusui-Kun: the snore-stopping robot bear

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Jukusui-Kun is a robot pillow disguised as a stuffed polar bear that will reach over and tickle your face whenever you snore, causing you to roll over and be quiet.


Jukusui-Kun, a robot pillow disguised as a stuffed polar bear (what else?), was designed to fight sleep apnea and snoring. Using a microphone, a conductive panel, and a pulse-oxygen meter dressed as a baby polar bear — it's consistent, if nothing else — the teddy monitors snoring and blood oxygen levels. Once activated, the bear initiates a gentle tickling maneuver that causes the sleeper to roll over, restarting normal breathing. Developed at Waseda University's Kabe Lab, JukuSui-Kun was demoed last week in Tokyo by the very serious man in the video below. Why a polar bear? We have no idea, but if it's ever commercialized, it may be the creepiest, or cutest, review ever.