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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos talks Kindle, and everything else, with Steven Levy

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Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos was just interviewed by Wired and spoke on a variety of topics, including the new Kindle lineup, Amazon's overall vision, the Zappos purchase, and Bezos's view of Apple.

Kindle Fire lead
Kindle Fire lead

With the Kindle Fire about to land in consumers' hands, Wired has just posted an in-depth interview with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Senior writer Steven Levy and Bezos dish on a variety of subjects, from Amazon's place amongst Google, Apple, and Facebook to Amazon's Web Services that power huge clients like Netflix, Foursquare, and even the US Department of Agriculture. He even answers the tough question as to why consumers should buy the Fire when Amazon's been touting the superiority of E Ink for years — Bezos answers, "they should buy both." Check out the full interview for more on Amazon's vision, the Zappos purchase, and Bezos's view of Apple. For even more, you'll want to read Businessweek's extensive profile of Amazon from the Kindle Fire announcement in September.