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Panasonic demonstrates robots geared to assist elderly, disabled

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Panasonic previews three robots designed to improve quality of life for the elderly and disable: HOSPI-Rimo, Hair Washing Robot, and Roboticbed.


Innovation in the robotic space is moving along at a rapid clip, and the medical field plays a large part in seeing that progress forward. At last month's 38th International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition in Tokyo, Panasonic unveiled three new products from its own robotics development division for the elderly and disabled, and the company just dug up a video that shows us what these bots are like in action. Click the source link below to head on over.

The HOSPI-Rimo (also referred to as the communication assistance robot), splits its duties between two primary tasks. The first is putting nervous hospital patients at ease, which the machine achieves by sporting an enthusiastic ― perhaps overly so ― grin when interacting with users. The autonomously-moving robot can also analyze the admitted for changes in condition and alert medical personnel if need be. Equally as important, HOSPI-Rimo allows for video conferencing by way of a built-in camera, affording those who may lack mobility the ability to communicate with family members or medical staff remotely. Panasonic plans to test and gather feedback on the robot, which for now serves purely as a concept, in select hospitals this year. Further innovations are to be found in the company's updated Hair Washing Robot (self explanatory) and Roboticbed (a combined medical bed and wheelchair), which have each been revised following input from existing customers.