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Intel and MasterCard to bring PayPass to Ultrabooks

Intel and MasterCard to bring PayPass to Ultrabooks


Intel and MasterCard announced a partnership to bring NFC-enabled PayPass functionality to Ultrabooks and other Intel-based laptops.

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It looks like the days of propping up your credit card on your keyboard are numbered, thanks to a collaboration announced by Intel and MasterCard today. The companies will be bringing MasterCard's NFC-powered PayPass to Ultrabooks and other Intel-based laptops, in a venture designed to offer a simple and secure online shopping experience. On compatible systems you'll only need to tap your PayPass-enabled credit card or device (read: Google Wallet) to your computer — there'll be no need to type out the card number, pesky three-digit code, or expiration date. If you're worried about the security implications of your computer knowing your credit card number, Intel says that with its Identity Protection Technology there's no need to worry. IPT features both hardware and software authentication: after you type in a username and password, an embedded processor will generate a one-time authentication code, and then hand off the (encrypted) info. There's no word on when we'll be seeing this functionality, but we hope it's soon: we're all for easier online shopping, even if it does come with the risk of large Amazon purchases.