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AT&T to light up six new markets with LTE on November 20th

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AT&T has announced that it will roll out LTE in six new markets on November 20th.


AT&T's just on a roll today. An LTE roll that is. In addition to the new Galaxy Tab 8.9, the carrier has announced that it will be rolling out LTE coverage in six more markets — Charlotte, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, and San Juan, Puerto Rico — on November 20th. Unfortunately, New York, San Francisco, and some other big ones are still off the list, but at least AT&T's delivering on its 2011 promise of lighting up a total of 15 markets by year's end. Check the source link for a few more details on the new AT&T LTE tablet plans and then make sure to check out our review of the HTC Vivid, one of AT&T's first LTE 4G devices.