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Bridge universal remote concept promises to bring keyboard control to all your devices

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Convergence Technologies has put its Bridge concept universal remote on Kickstarter. The Bridge is shaped like a video game controller, complete with analog stick, and features a full hardware qwerty.

Bridge universal remote
Bridge universal remote

There is no shortage of universal remotes in the world, but most don't include all the different control vectors you'd like for your gadgets. Convergence Technologies has started a Kickstarter campaign to get funding for a device it believes solves that problem: the Bridge universal remote. The group promises that the device will be the "first, truly universal household remote," citing compatibility with computers, set-top boxes, game consoles, media streamers, and 95 percent of TVs from the past three years. The remote might not be completely universal, however, as compatibility with the Wii and Xbox 360 is "pending further review."

Convergence Technologies is trying to differentiate the Bridge through its versatility, featuring a full hardware keyboard for thumb typing, an analog stick for mouse controls, and shoulder buttons — making it appear very much like a video game controller. The group is hoping to raise $59,000 on Kickstarter for development of the device, which it is planning to sell for under $100. Check out a video of the Bridge below.