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Altec Lansing announces Custom Series: custom-molded earphones for $499

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Altec Lansing announced this morning the Custom Series line of custom-molded earphones, designed for professionals and audiophiles alike.

Altec Lansing A2
Altec Lansing A2

Altec Lansing announced this morning the new Custom Series of earphones, three models of custom-fit monitors designed for professional musicians and very picky audiophiles. The company is working with a company called ACS Custom to hand-build every pair based on a mold taken of your ears by an Altec Lansing-approved audiologist, so you get a pair that fits and sounds better because it's designed specifically for you. Altec Lansing is big on accurately reproducing sound, so there's no sculpting or software processing in any of the earphones, which makes the fit even more important in determining audio quality. The cables are also encased in Kevlar, which should make the non-detachable cables a lot stronger and longer-lasting — with high-end earphones, the cable is nearly always the first thing to fail. (Plus, it'll go nicely with the Kevlar on your Droid RAZR.)

There are three models in the Custom Series line, ranging from $499 to $999. That's actually relatively inexpensive for custom-fit earphones, though certainly out of the price range of most of Altec Lansing's customers. They'll be available in early December, and the whole process from getting your ears molded to actually receiving your earphones takes about three weeks.