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Two Razer Blade prototypes reportedly stolen from R&D labs

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Razer posted on its Facebook page that someone stole two prototypes of its Razer Blade gaming laptop from its R&D lab on November 5th. The company told Kotaku that the perpetrator had access to the company's lobby, and police are reportedly going to examine the log of people who used their security cards that weekend.

Razer Blade
Razer Blade

We first learned of the powerful and thin Razer Blade gaming laptop a few months ago, and now we're hearing that someone may have gotten their hands on two prototypes. According to a post on Razer's Facebook page, someone broke into the company's research and development lab on November 5th, making away with two of the laptops (which aren't yet fully functional). Kotaku spoke with Razer and was told that the perpetrator managed to enter the company's lobby that morning without breaking in, indicating that the person somehow already had access to the building. As a result, the police plan to examine the log of people who used their security cards that weekend as part of their current investigation.

At first glance, this incident might sound like a publicity stunt similar to the curious case of the missing "iPhone 5," but Razer provided quite a few details in its interview with Kotaku. The good news is that the company says the alleged theft shouldn't delay the expected release of the Razer Blade. Hit the source link for more details.