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Samsung Captivate Glide, DoubleTime, and Pantech Pocket available on AT&T on November 20th

Samsung Captivate Glide, DoubleTime and Pantech Pocket smartphones to be released on AT&T on November 20th.

Captivate Glide
Captivate Glide

AT&T has set a release date for two of the new Samsung phones coming to its network: the QWERTY landscape slider Captivate Glide and the clamshell DoubleTime will both be available on November 20th. In our hands-on we found the entry level phones to be lacking in several ways; the screen on the Captivate Glide isn't quite up to scratch and the DoubleTime's use of the antiquated Android 2.2 is somewhat disappointing. Nevertheless, if you're keen on dipping your toe into Android waters with a physical keyboard, you'll soon have more options for doing so. Also tagging on to that November 20th date is the Pantech Pocket, which is intended to create a better web browsing experience with its unusually wide portrait 800 x 600 screen, bringing back the almost forgotten 4:3 aspect ratio. No word on pricing for any of the phones yet.

Update: Prices are $49.99 for DoubleTime and $149.99 for Captivate Glide.