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iPhone 4S to launch in India on November 25th

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iPhone 4S to launch in India on November 25th with Aircel, Airtel to follow soon.

iphone 4s big
iphone 4s big

Indian phone network Aircel announced that it will be carrying the iPhone 4S as of November 25th. Its competitor, Airtel, has also said that it will be launching the phone soon, but has not provided a date as of yet. Pricing hasn't been confirmed either, but based on the iPhone 4, it's expected to be between 35,000 and 40,000 Rupees (about $690 - $790) on contract.

Apple promised to make this the fastest iPhone rollout so far, which explains why Indian customers only have to put up with a six week delay instead of facing a repeat of the 11 months it took for the iPhone 4 to come to the subcontinent. The company plans to deploy the 4S in over 70 countries and have deals with over 100 carriers by the end of the year. Having recently launched in 15 other markets, it seems like Apple's well on the way.