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Spar Zephyr Bluetooth speakers also charge mobile USB devices

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Spar Zephyr portable bluetooth speaker charges mobile USB devices

Spar Zephyr
Spar Zephyr

A company called Spar is announcing a trio of new battery-powered Zephyr speakers today. The Zephyr 500 (18 hour battery) and $159 Zephyr 550 (28 hour battery) models, in particular, look very similar in both size and shape to the Jawbone Jambox. Spar's also showing off its $99 Zephyr 300 claiming 12 hours of audio playback from a single charge. Like the Jambox, these wireless speakers hook up to your mobile device over Bluetooth to stream audio or to function as a speakerphone.

What differentiates Zephyr however, is the inclusion of a USB jack that lets your charge your mobile devices whenever you're on the go. We'll put the company's claims of "stunning acoustics" and "class-leading battery life" to the test whenever we get our hands on a production unit, said to be coming soon in mid-December. Until then, you can view the teaser video below before comparing all three with the Jambox on our product pages.