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Rogers Galaxy Nexus launch slated for January 2012, pre-registration begins today

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The Galaxy Nexus is heading to Rogers Wireless in Canada. Pre-registration begins today, but the phone won't launch until January 2012, about a month or so after the other Canadian carriers.

Galaxy Nexus Glass
Galaxy Nexus Glass

The Galaxy Nexus launch details are flying fast and furious, with Canada the latest country getting in on the fun. Virgin Mobile and Bell both started accepting pre-registrations for the first Ice Cream Sandwich handset yesterday, and now Rogers plans to do the same. According to its Twitter feed, pre-registration begins today, but you'll want to look elsewhere if you want to be among the first Canadians to own the Galaxy Nexus. The phone won't be available until January 2012, a month or so later than Virgin Mobile and Bell. While Rogers claimed pre-registration would begin today, we haven't actually seen it hit the site yet — Canadians, keep your eyes peeled.