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Google reportedly near a deal with Universal for its upcoming music store

Google reportedly near a deal with Universal for its upcoming music store


Google is reportedly close to closing a deal with Universal Music Group for it's upcoming music service, which should be announced on November 16. This gives it two of the big four music labels as it goes head-to-head with iTunes and Amazon in the online music space.

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We'll know for sure tomorrow, but we're seeing more and more signs that Google will announce a full-fledged music store at its "These Go To Eleven" event. The latest comes from Businessweek, which claims Google is close to a deal with Universal Music Group to sell music through its store. Google is claimed to already have EMI wrapped up; Universal would give it the two of the coveted "big four" music labels (which are in the process of becoming the "big three," with Universal buying EMI earlier this week).

Adding a music store to its existing movie, book, and app stores would position Google to compete even more directly with iTunes and Amazon; it would also give Android another feature to check off in comparison with iOS. The music store and Google's free cloud-based storage system could be a strong iTunes alternative, especially if Google manages to include social integration in a way Apple hasn't. One thing Google reportedly doesn't have yet, however, is the buy-in from Sony and Warner, the other two biggest music labels. Until that happens, iTunes should be able to beat Google in available songs, at the least. We'll be at the event tomorrow, so be sure to check out our live coverage to find out exactly how this shakes down.