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The Verge is the Official Tech News Partner for CES 2012!

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The Verge is the Official Technology News Partner for CES 2012!


We couldn't be more excited to let you guys in on some news. We're pleased to announce that The Verge will be the Official Technology News Partner for CES 2012!

That means that not only will we be bringing you the live, up-to-the-minute, 24-hour news blast that you're expecting from us (including breaking news, liveblogs of the events and keynotes, lots of hands-on previews of the latest gadgets, original videos and interviews, and more), but we'll be doing some brand new things as well. Like hosting a Super Session at the show where we'll debate disruptive technologies with big thinkers in our industry, doing our nightly video podcast from right on the show floor (after hours!), and producing a month of special content counting down to the big show in January.

We're thrilled to partner with the CEA on this. Our coverage will be bigger, badder, and faster than ever — especially given all the new tools we have at our disposal.

In addition to the partnership with the CEA, we're also psyched that Ford has stepped up as our premier sponsor for the event. We're happy to have them onboard!

Most importantly, we can't wait to get back to Las Vegas to spend long, crazy days and nights covering technology, and bringing our readers the finest CES coverage known to man. It's going to be a blast, and it all starts very soon.