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HP Folio 13-inch ultrabook emerges, deemed to be the most rugged one yet

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HP's Folio ultrabook has been revealed a little early. It features a backlit keyboard, Ethernet port, a two-tone color scheme, and the usual 128GB SSD for this category.

hp folio ultrabook
hp folio ultrabook

If you thought we were done with all the ultrabook news having wrapped reviews of the first four contenders, think again. HP, having kept uncharacteristically quiet on this front up until now, has an ultrabook of its own, called the Folio. This 13.3-inch ultraportable has today been pictured and detailed by Ritchie's Room. It's reportedly a reworked Pavilion dm3 chassis, which is also confirmed by the inscription of that very name on the inside of its lid, ostensibly making the Folio moniker an exercise in superfluous branding. Two models will be available, with the differentiator between them being a choice of Intel processors: either a low-voltage 1.4GHz Core i3 or a 1.6GHz Core i5 that maxes out at 2.3GHz with Turbo Boost enabled.

A backlit keyboard, 128GB of SSD storage, and 4GB of RAM will be available on both, plus we're told there's a note on the spec sheet saying the memory's expandable to 8GB. Feedback on the physical construction of the HP Folio is very positive, with the rubberized base earning kudos for feeling rugged and easy to grip. There's also an Ethernet jack for wired networking enthusiasts! For more on the look and feel of this two-tone entry from HP, hit the source link below.