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Sony Music Entertainment also reportedly on board for Google Music Store

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Google may also have brought Sony on board for its upcoming Google Music offering, giving it access to three of the four major music labels.

Google Music Beta
Google Music Beta

Google is expected to launch its new music service tomorrow and it's becoming clear that the company intends it to be a real competitor to iTunes. Key to that effort is signing on the big music labels, and following an earlier rumor that Universal (and its soon-to-be-subsidiary EMI) signed on, the Wall Street Journal reports that Sony Music Entertainment has also agreed to list its music in Google's store. That leaves the Warner Music Group as the lone company amongst the major labels to not be rumored to have agreed to a deal. Multiple reports also suggest that there will be plenty of independent labels listed in the store.

We are expecting a music store that's tied into the Android Market and may also have a "sharing twist" that's integrated with Google+. Those rumored features may not make Google's Music stand out when compared to iTunes in the Cloud or even Amazon's music offerings, although at the very least it will help to bring some feature parity in the music space between Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. We'll be live at Google's "These Go To Eleven" event tomorrow to see just what gets unveiled.