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j5 Create's new USB cable shares mouse, keyboard and files across Mac and Windows (hands-on)

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j5 Create's got a new version of its peripheral and file sharing Wormhole KM Switch that works across Mac and PC.

j5 Create Wormhole KM Mac
j5 Create Wormhole KM Mac

Remember the j5 Create Wormhole KM Switch we reviewed a couple months back? Don't buy that. Instead, do yourself and your Apple-wielding friends a favor and grab the $40 cross-platform version of the peripheral sharing cable instead. Not sure what I'm talking about? Visualize this: Right now, I'm typing this article on my MacBook Air, but my fingers are physically hitting the comfortable keyboard connected to my Windows desktop machine. When I scroll my cursor to the edge of my MacBook screen, it appears on my Windows desktop, and I can copy files and text too — when I took a picture of the cable for this post, I used my MacBook's SD card slot to import the file, I literally dragged and dropped it onto my gaming desktop to edit, and then I deposited the final result right back on my Mac again. 

That may sound like a convoluted process (and there are a few quirks — keyboard shortcuts change between Mac and PC) but if you're constantly swapping between OSs or troubleshooting computers, it's an invaluable tool, making all the screens of two computers into a single coherent unit. In every other way, it's identical to the original Windows-only Wormhole KM Switch, and you can read my original review for more detail, but Mac support makes all the difference in the world if you'll ever find a Mac in your stable, and it's well worth the $15 premium. It should be making its way to retail any day now at the likes of Fry's, Sears, Walmart and Micro Center.