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HP Wireless Audio streams music from your PC to any speakers for $100

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HP Wireless Audio
HP Wireless Audio

With all its new Beats-branded laptops, it's become beyond clear that HP's taking audio very seriously. And while we didn't think it was possible, it's about to crank it up another notch with its Wireless Audio package. Like the HP Wireless TV Connect, HP's getting into the wireless streaming game with another new peripheral, though this time it just does audio streaming from your PC to up to four different speakers. So how does it work? The package comes with a receiver that attaches to any speakers through its 3.5mm, right / left RCA, TOSLINK line-out, or S/PIDF ports as well as a thumb-sized dongle that plugs into any PC (though the new Envys have this built in). And that's really it — once the dongle is plugged in, you should hear your laptop's uncompressed audio across the room (or whenever you've stuck those speakers). You'll be able to snatch up the little package next month for $100.