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Qualcomm GameCommand app will help you find Snapdragon games (hands-on)

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Qualcomm is building a gaming hub for Snapdragon in its new GameCommand app, due 2012.

Qualcomm GameCommand
Qualcomm GameCommand

Nvidia has its Tegra Zone, and now Qualcomm is coming out to play, bringing a dedicated app to the Android Market to showcase the hottest new Snapdragon-compatible games. It's called GameCommand, and it's coming in early 2012, alongside one title PC gamers might recognize. The Ball is a 3D action puzzle game that started as an Unreal Tournament III mod before becoming a full Steam and OnLive game last year, and it could be a very good fit for tablets: it's a good-looking game, but it only requires a few buttons to manipulate the giant sphere and send it careening through puzzles and enemies.

Early 2012 will also see the release of Fight Game Heroes and a Galaga revamp, but perhaps the most exciting thing we saw was that the pretty hack n' slash Desert Winds might still exist. See some pictures of GameCommand and some hot new Snapdragon-optimized games below, as well as the original PC trailer for The Ball.