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Belkin LiveAction Camera Remote official, LiveAction Grip announced

Belkin LiveAction Camera Remote official, LiveAction Grip announced


Belkin has now made its new LiveAction range official, bringing remote shooting and a grip to Apple's iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPod Touch.

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We heard about Belkin's LiveAction Camera Remote for the iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch just over a week ago as it made its way through the FCC, but now the company has made it official, alongside the LiveAction Camera Grip.

The Remote features a detachable iPhone stand and acts as a wireless shutter button using Bluetooth. This isn't the first solution for shooting remotely with an iPhone — apps exist that act as shutter releases — but these generally require you to have two iOS devices. The Grip features a physical shutter button and connects via the iPhone's dock connector to create a more ergonomic camera-like feel a la the Red Pop, made famous by Kickstarter. Additionally, with the improvements Apple has made to the iPhone's camera on the 4S, the grip could be a great solution for people looking to ditch their compact camera but maintain the feel.

Both devices are designed for use with Belkin's free LiveAction app, which allows you to take both stills and video or even snap photos during filming. Each costs $49.99, with the Camera Remote available to pre-order, and the Camera Grip shipping today.

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