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HTC Vivid incites cease and desist letter from porn company claiming trademark infringement

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HTC has been hit with a cease and desist letter from Vivid Entertainment. The allegation is that the new Vivid Android smartphone on AT&T infringes on the trademark of Vivid, the company.

htc vivid
htc vivid

HTC's flamboyant product naming scheme has gotten it into trouble once again. The new HTC Vivid for AT&T has drawn the ire of adult movie maker Vivid Entertainment, which has demanded HTC change the name or risk being sued. The first report of this came from TMZ, which we've since confirmed with HTC. Here's the response from HTC America:

"We are reviewing the complaint and don't expect to have any further comment until it is resolved."

Vivid reportedly claims that the new 4.5-inch smartphone will lead to brand confusion; we'd imagine the company is worried people will think Vivid the company is somehow connected to Vivid the phone. Vivid did just launch a Google TV channel, so it's possible it's thinking of reaching even further with some sort of co-branded phone of its own. Either way, we're sure this'll get resolved soon — we doubt either HTC or AT&T wants to drag things out.

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