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Visa names its digital wallet, announces developer program

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Visa's announced its digital wallet service, and a developer program for the electronic transaction service.

V me visa
V me visa

Visa wants to rid the world of pesky physical wallets, and hopes to compete with other digital payment options with its free digital wallet that's set for launch early next year. will allow users to integrate their bank accounts and any major credit or debit cards to pay for goods using only a username and password, similar to eBay's PayPal service. Visa's also announced a new developer program which will allow for a wide variety of potential implementations, including APIs for mobile apps and JavaScript code for websites.

Online transaction services are used widely, but they still haven't replaced cold, hard cash — Visa plans to make the service available on mobile devices for either online or in-person payments at the register using mobile devices, and aims to eventually use near-field communication (NFC) for mobile payments. One step closer to a future with even skinnier jeans.