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Grooveshark's social-focused site redesign is now live

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Grooveshark has launched a redesign of its web-based music service, with a new Community area, enhanced social features, and new exploration and music discovery features.


Spotify, Rdio, and Mog are getting lots of attention from streaming music fans lately, and now Grooveshark's rolling out its planned site redesign. As we saw a month ago, many of Grooveshark's new features are social — there's a new Community tab that has an "activity" stream of what your followed users are listening to, recommending, and commenting on, as well as a Twitter-style "mentions" stream. Along with the new social aspects is the ability to comment on basically anything across Grooveshark — so if your friend has bad taste in music, you can let him know song by song. Of course, Grooveshark is tightly integrating its services with Facebook and Twitter, among other services.

Grooveshark also added a new Explore section, which looks quite similar to both the front page of Rdio and the What's New area in Spotify. It has a grid of featured artists and new releases, as well as a tab with the most popular songs of the moment, plus new genre-specific radio stations. While it's nice to see Grooveshark continue to improve its service, the streaming music market in the US has changed tremendously since Grooveshark's last site redesign in December. Spotify, Rdio, and Mog are all just as socially integrated — and plugged into the Facebook ecosystem — and they also arguably offer better interfaces and search capabilities We'll see if this redesign can keep Grooveshark what it needs to stay in the conversation.