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Kindle Fire adds Time publications to newsstand, Nook Tablet to offer Condé Nast magazines

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The Kindle Fire newsstand now offers five magazines published by Time Inc., while the Nook Tablet has added Condé Nast publications.

Nook Tablet lead
Nook Tablet lead

The Kindle Fire launched with a newsstand that included content from most of the major magazine publishers including Condé Nast, but Time Inc. was noticeably absent. That's no longer the case, as five of the publisher's magazines are now available on the tablet, including Time, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated (other titles will follow shortly). According to All Things D, one of the major stumbling blocks in the negotiations was Amazon's ability to set the price for magazines it sells, but the company has assured publishers that it doesn't plan to lower prices.

Time apparently didn't have the same issues with Barnes & Noble; it's already among the publishers in the Nook Tablet newsstand, which can now add Condé Nast to the list. The publisher will be making 18 magazines available on the device, with all but Vogue available by the end of November (the fashion magazine arrives in early 2012). Current print subscribers will be able to read the titles for free, with new monthly subscribers receiving a free 14-day trial. It looks like the 7-inch tablets are continuing their neck-in-neck battle for more content by adding magazines alongside already available offerings like Netflix and Hulu. It should be interesting to see which device fares better this holiday season.