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Google Voice for Android updated with voicemail prefetch, mass texting

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Google updated the Google Voice app this week, bringing voicemail prefetching, mass texting, and more to Android users.

Google Voice update
Google Voice update

Google Voice is becoming more and more capable of replacing some of your cell phone's key functions — it got the beginnings of MMS support last month, and this week the Android app is getting a big update. Chief among the upgrades in version (there's still not a 1.0 version of the app) is the ability to send text messages to multiple recipients, which is a big step toward being able to use Voice exclusively instead of your carrier's texting services. Voice can also now prefetch your voicemail, so you don't have to wait for the message to download before you can hear it, and you can check your voicemail even when you don't have service. There's an improved notification for incoming messages, too. Hit the source to get the app — if you're upgrading, be sure and launch Voice after you update, so it can start routing calls again.