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Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1N redesigned around Apple's German design ban

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Samsung has slightly changed the design of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to get around the German sales ban and named the new device the Galaxy Tab 10.1N.

Galaxy Tab 10.1N
Galaxy Tab 10.1N

As expected, Samsung appears to be designing around the German sales ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 by altering the device's appearance, a parallel to the revised smartphone software it shipped in the Netherlands to avoid a sales ban due to Apple's patents. MobiFlip spotted the redesigned Galaxy Tab 10.N (pictured above), and the device's only difference — aside from a Bluetooth bump to 3.0 — is a frame that wraps around the left and right sides, slightly intruding onto the glass. Edge-to-edge glass is an important part of Apple's European iPad design registration, so Samsung is likely targeting only that aspect of the appearance and leaving the remaining hardware untouched. We'll see if the German court thinks these changes are enough and if Apple thinks it's worth challenging this new version, but for now it looks like Samsung is pressing ahead — you'll find the 10.1N available on Cyberport's online store.

Update: A Samsung spokesman confirms that the 10.1N model was modified "to reflect Apple's claims."