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Apple TV and iPod prices cut at Amazon and

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Best Buy's offering an uncommon Apple TV and iPod sale - all models except the iPod nano are currently on sale. Amazon is currently offering

iPod touch
iPod touch

Holiday sales are on in force, and this year even a few Apple products are in the mix. The Apple TV is on sale for $89.99 at Amazon and, while the iPod touch, classic, and shuffle are $5 to $35 off, depending on the model. The iPod nano is excluded at Best Buy, though Amazon knocks a few bucks off depending on the color and storage capacity. Speaking of colors, if you want to save the most money on an iPod touch, don't get your sights set on the shiny new white model — the black 16GB and 32 GB models are $10 and $15 cheaper, respectively.

The Apple TV discount has led to speculation on whether it will be discontinued or updated, but with most of the iPod line on sale as well, we'd guess it's all more to do with juicing sales of slower-selling products. Still, an updated Apple TV in 2012 would be nice, wouldn't it?