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Salvation Army to outfit bell ringers with Square readers

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The Salvation Army plans to equip bell-ringers with Square credit card readers in several cities, including San Francisco and New York.

Salvation Army and Square Reader
Salvation Army and Square Reader

With Google Wallet still getting off the ground, mobile company Square has used its head start to drive over $1 million a day in transactions as of March. The Salvation Army is the latest organization to use the mobile Square credit card reader, and plans to use it at storefronts in several cities, including San Francisco and New York. While everyone's favorite holiday bell ringers have tried credit card terminals in the past with little success, the Salvation Army is hoping the tiny, portable card readers will make it easier for shoppers to quickly swipe and donate.

Other non-profits have already found success with the service. For example, a Girl Scout troop in Silicon Valley was able to sell over 400 cookie boxes in less than an hour. The father of one of the scouts mentioned that a lot of people used Square to make payments "just to see how cool this thing was." You can be sure that the Salvation Army hopes that shoppers are similarly impressed by Santa's new payment system this holiday season.