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AT&T exec says company is in talks with Nokia to carry Windows Phones

AT&T exec says company is in talks with Nokia to carry Windows Phones


AT&T executive Glenn Lurie mentioned at a conference this week that his company is in negotiations with Nokia to offer its new Windows Phones.

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Glenn Lurie, AT&T's president of emerging devices, mentioned at a Morgan Stanley conference in Barcelona this week that his company is having conversations with Nokia about offering its Windows Phones next year. The revelation doesn't come as much of a surprise; Nokia has made no secret of the fact that it intends to hit the American market with its Microsoft-powered lineup in 2012, and AT&T — currently number two behind Verizon — stands to factor prominently into any US phone launch conversation. Lurie wouldn't divulge exact details on models or time frame, but said "we look at every promotional period separately and decide what we're going to spend our dollars on and what we're going to put our efforts in."

Interestingly, this dovetails with our information recently that AT&T may be looking into launching an LTE-powered variant of the Lumia 800, a phone whose hardware has won widespread praise ahead of its European launch today. Whether that's a part of AT&T's ongoing negotiations is unclear — but LTE is destined to be a big part of the carrier's 2012 marketing strategy, so we'd be surprised if it wasn't.